A developer wants to use the Dispatcher and Performer architecture. What describes the characteristics of a Dispatcher and a Performer process?

A. Dispatcher is used to add Queue Items to an Orchestrator Queue Performer
should be created in the REFramework
B. Dispatcher can only interact with one Orchestrator Queue Performer is used to
process Queue Items one at a time
C. Dispatcher is used to process transaction items from an Orchestrator Queue
Performer can interact with multiple Orchestrator Queues
D. Dispatcher is always created in the REFramework Performer can only interact with
one Orchestrator Queue
what is the best answer
please explain


I believe A…

In B dispatcher can only interact with one queue…that is not necessary you can use multiple queues as well if needed

In C dispatcher is always used to add items and performer is used to process the items

In D dispatcher need not be created in re necessarily…

Hope this helps


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