5250 Terminal Connections: Resetting locked keyboard?

Need some help here… we are using IBM ACS as our 5250 emulator package for connection to a System i. We have set up the EHLLAPI configuration needed to establish a UiPath terminal connection, and it is working fine.

That said, we are having difficulty communicating with the terminal session whenever something happens that locks the keyboard (little red “X” on the status bar, no keyboard functions can be used until the keyboard is unlocked).

When this happens, we used to use the Terminal Send Control Key to send the “Reset” key to the session to unlock the keyboard. This no longer works. The only way we have been able to do this is to attach to the emulation window and send a left-control key press to the window.

Shouldn’t there be an easier way to do this? Any ACS or Terminal Connection experts out there who know of a better way to do this?

Here we are almost a year later and we’re having the exact same issue. Did you ever figure out a more elegant solution? Also, do you have a way you identify that you’re in this scenario, or do you just send the key in case you hit an error?

Sorry Steve. Never had time to revisit to look for something better. I’ve also noticed that occasionally some of our UiPath terminal logs get flooded with “EhllBridge.IsReady Wait Error” messages, which I’ve never been able to resolve, or even understand the cause for that matter. I assume they might be related to a locked keyboard, but don’t know for sure.

Wish I had better news.

@tclukay So one more (hopeful) follow up question… Do you have any tips for us in identifying / catching when this situation happens? We can’t read the screen when in this state. We can send the lctrl command to free things up, but we haven’t been able to figure out when to send it…