Terminal Session Returns Blank Screen

Hi, I,m developing a task in a terminal session connecting IBM mainframe (5250)
Configure Connection
After entering all details the session is created, connection is happening,and will get UiPath Terminal Wizard and do all functionality, after iterating through few screens and get screen text and other activities able to perform, BUT whenever there is “No records found” in some screens the connection get disconnected automatically and pops out error message “Terminal Session : There was an error connecting to terminal. Error code:Error” and No data is displayed and I can’t move to another screen from here/ Blank Screen appears on UiPath Terminal Wizard.
I see connection getting broke and not able to perform any activity or get screen text/ anything.
I can share the images of issue, if anyone shared same issue.

Any helpful hints to get pass through this issue are greatly appreciated!!

Hi @praveen046,

Which Terminal Emulator app do you have (the one that implements the EHLL dll)?