Mainframe Password error


When I am typing a Userid and Password (Abcdef@1) in Mainframe systems by using “Send keys” terminal activity (or) “Type secure text” activity, it throws “Help menu”. I assume problem with “@1”. I need a clarification on the same… in case having any idea please let me know ASAP

Thank you

Probably “@” is being skipped and f1 is being sent, hence the help screen.

Not sure, You can do move cursor to specific position and then do Send Keys or try other options like “SetFieldAtPosition”

Yes, we could use ‘Move Cursor’, ‘Set Field At Position’, etc.

But our scenario is to type a Password, so we have to use ‘Send Keys Secure’ as we want to keep the Terminal/Mainframe user id and password in Win Credentials Manager.

Using ‘Send Keys Secure’ for typing the password that has a special characters(like @0 or @1 etc) immediately triggering F1 event without even going to next activity ‘Send Control Key’.

Any solution?

Any solution for the above issue?

Hi vd,

What Studio version do you have?

UiPath studio details

  • version is 2016.2.6344
  • Built 7 months ego 15-May-2017
  • MS Windows 7 Ent Ver 64 bit
  • .NET 4.0.30319.42000


  • MyExtra! Enterprise version 7.11
  • Using DLL option, pcshll32.dll

Please let me know if you need any more details.
Thank you

Did you find any solution?

In my case, I’m not able to enter password securely in 3270 system. Even if I used Send Key Secure, password remain visible on screen.