401 Error while decoding to JSON but 200 with postman

hi everyone I got issue with http request
I checked the code with postman and it return code 200 and information normally
I send Post request to get token successfully then send use it for GET request
but I received the code: “401 Error while decoding to JSON” instead of 200
please take a look my setup

Could you share JSON body request ? Please remember in UiPath to use double “” between values. Like that:

 ""body"": {
    ""ids"": [""someMessageId""]

Hi @demon2801 ,

As per the screenshot i observed that you are using bearer token authentication for your GET request in POSTMAN so it is working fine i guess. But in UiPath http request you are using Oauth2 as authentication type that is not correct.

Please follow the same steps in http request activity as you followed in postman. refer the below steps for implementing the same in http activity in UiPath.

Use http request and Select Request Method as GET and Authorization set None like below.

once you select ok and go to the properties section of http request activity you could find that Headers property there click three dots and add your Bearer token (output received from your POST activity before this call) like below. please try make GET call like suggested and let us know. thanks.

Hi all,
I have had the token by sent POST request
but after get successfully I can’t send other request with the token
I tried several times but it still failed
I think I got issue with the header
Anyone knows how to get the request header, body?