3 activities that are not working in Google Forms

I have to fill a lot of forms based on an Excel file. The part with the loop and the Excel file is OK.
I checked many topics that deals with it. Nothing seems to fix it or is working properly.

The problem is that nothing is working for all the 3 questions.
Here is the link of the template of the google form.

Question 1 : it’s a dropdown list. It’s supposed to be done by the select item activity. Not working unfortunately.
Question 2 : it’s a date activity. I tried the type into activity. I also tried the click activity + keyboard shortcut. Doesn’t even type or even click…
Question 3 : it’s an import file question. It’s not working neither. Click activity is not working.

Do you any hint about these activities ?
I really don’t know what errors occurs.

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To interact with dropdown lists on a web page, the “Select Item” activity should work. However, Google Forms may use custom dropdowns, which sometimes require extra steps.

You might want to try using the “Click” activity to click on the dropdown to open it and then use the “Type Into” activity to type the desired option or use “Send Hotkey” activities to navigate through the dropdown.

Google Forms use custom date input fields that might not work well with a direct “Type Into” activity.

Use the “Click” activity to click on the date field to open the date picker.

After that, use the “Type Into” activity or a combination of “Send Hotkey” activities to input the date.

Ensure that the selectors you are using in your activities are specific enough to target the correct fields.

File upload fields on web forms can be challenging to automate because they usually require interaction with a file dialog box. You can use the “Click” activity to click on the file upload field.

Then, you might need to simulate typing the file path into the dialog using the “Type Into” activity.

After typing the file path, use “Send Hotkey” activities (e.g., Enter key) to confirm the selection.

Hope this clarifies

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Thank you for your help.

The Q1 is solved at the moment
The “Type into” wasn’t (and is) not working (it selects the first answer that shares the same letter as the input.


For the Keyboard shortcut you have to know the index of the answers.
Basically it means you should have a lookup activity to look for the index.
Let’s say here : answer C is index number 3. So you have to press 3 times “down arrow”. Maybe be a “repeat number of times” activity (repeat property set as “3” in this case)


:pen: Edit : OK, this solved. I used a variable and placed it into the strict selector.
The solution comes from this video.

For the Q2, I don’t know how to select the field I select manually.


As mentionned, the blue one is the correct one but UiPath is suggesting the whole box.
“Type into” activity doesn’t generate error but is not working neither.

:pen: Edit : I’m using a workaround at the moment, which is clicking in the center twice (it selects the year because it’s right in the center) then I send hotkey “Shift+Tab” twice, so the selection goes to the “dd” section. Is it possible to send an hotkey variable ? It would be great.

For the question 3, it’s working.

If someone’s having a fix for the second question, it would be wonderful.

Hi @LamaX

For Q3, can you try with Set Text activity? You need to pass the date in the same format which is showing dd/MM/yyyy and try


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Unfortunately, the activity “Set text” is not working. I also tried the “Set web attribute”. I’m not sure whether I’m doing it right or not.

I’m really surprised I can’t find anyone having the same problem since Google Form is widely spread.