2nd working day of the month

Hi everyone ,

can anyone help me finding the second working day of the month. ie the 2nd working day of month , working days does not include Saturday and Sunday.
Help needed in emergency. Kindly help.

thanks in advance!

@Shikhar_Tandon - this info is to schedule a job or some business logic in your process?

pls try below UiPath components -

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thanks for the reply !, i just want to take out the 2nd working day of the month not schedule it
thanks !

pls try above provided components… pls read the installation guide to add the components to your project.

hi @Shikhar_Tandon,

See, this will help you.
you can use following logic,

New DateTime(year,month,date1).DayOfWeek.ToString="Sunday"

—> here year, month & date1 are int32 variables and this results in boolean value, Accordingly you can use further logic to increment date1 var with conditions.

I’m attaching workflow here, go through, if you didn’t get the above code.
2nd working day.xaml (13.4 KB)