Based on system date or today date find the business day number

Based on system date or today date i need the business day number.

Ex: Apr month

1 is 1st business day (Wednesday )
2 is 2nd business day.(Thursday )
3 is 3rd business day.(Friday)

4 is 4th business day.(on Monday) date is 6th

I need to exclude saturday and sunday as they are holidays.

How do fetch this.Thanks in advance.

@HarshithRao Haave you tried this Activity :

This link may help you, @HarshithRao

Did not help - It allows you to calculate the business days count between a start date and an end date.

I want to know today’s business working day number

I am sorry, i could not understand this since i am not thorough with scripting langage

Have u found the solution for this ?
Holidays should be taken from the excel