2022.10 Release is causing Compilation errors for Date conversions

For all the data formulas I current get the error below:
Path Exists: Expression Activity type ‘VisualBasicValue`1’ requires compilation in order to run. Please ensure that the workflow has been compiled.
What can I do?
Compiling doesn’t work and this error keeps turning up


Hello @Marco_Willigenburg

Are you getting this error for some custom activity? Ddi you tried reopening the project?


I did, but it is surprisingly always with type into and check if file exists with date formula’s in there like this one:
“\kotvs003\KOT\Works\Poldat\Controlling\PBI\MPZW\InventoryPBI\Material Usage Per Month\Material Usage Per Month”&now.AddMonths(-1).ToString(“MMyyyy”)&“.xlsx”

Hi @Marco_Willigenburg

Check the Double Quotation " in the Date

Try with this expression

"\kotvs003\KOT\Works\Poldat\Controlling\PBI\MPZW\InventoryPBI\Material Usage Per Month\Material Usage Per Month"+now.AddMonths(-1).ToString("MMyyyy")+".xlsx"

Check out this thread



Thanks! Is there a way to mass replace all these double quote with the .net6 double quote? My project is quite big (12 MB) and I have a lot of small ones as well

Hi @Marco_Willigenburg

I don’t think so it is possible

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