2020.10.1 Git commit issue

earlier today my studio updated to 2020.10.1. Since then i have been unable to commit my changes to git, which was previously working. the project panel shows files that have been edited/created, but attempting to commit the project shows no entries in the modified files window. below is an image showing no modified files to commit but with 44 changes found

i will have to switch to an external git method for now.

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Hey, i hope its not too late. I had the same issue but resolved it copying all mi files to a temporary folder, deleting the original folder, pulling my las comit from repository and copying back the files in the temporary folder. After that i could commit and push again without issue.


Hi @Eric_Wilson

Have you managed to resolve this issue?

Were you able to fix this? I am having the same issue.

I am also facing the same issue.
Can someone please give me a clue.

Does the issue also occur on a freshly created project that was freshly linked to git?

I know it is a little late, but for the ones who get the same problem as we did, I managed to fix it by commiting the changes via GitBash - you just download it, put in “cd + DragProjectFolderHere” and, after sucessfully conecting to the project, put in “git commit”. What happened for me here is that there were some “exceptions”, so I had to write “git commit -a” and select the changes i wanted to keep (the ones that weren’t exceptions) and at last the project got fixed.
Hope it help!