UiPath Studio Not Responding after trying to commit and push

Everytime I want to make a change to my project (even a little one like adding a space to an activity name) and try to commit and push it to the remote repository my Studio instantly crashes.

Hi @Chiru_Vlad ,

Is it showing any error ?

Try to clear temp files once.

No error, when i click the ‘Commit’ button with the green check on the left side, Studio instantly freezes then crashes.

And also, where can I find temp files?

Just press window+ run then type %temp%

Should I clear all temp folders?

You can clear as their is no harm in doing this.

That didn’t work… the problem is still here. It appears like this:

You can do couple of tries on

1 - Disconnect and connect again from git or whichever versioning tool you are using.
2 -If you have updated files in repository then try to clone again as new project.

Is your colleague also getting same issue or only in your case ?

My colleague is commiting the project through git bash

That worked! Thank you! I think the problem was on my local repository with some files in the .git folder

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Good to know that :grinning:

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