2018.3 Early access - Beta release

Very soon @evarisnea :slight_smile:

Definitely on the roadmap. We’ve made a first step towards this with updating .Net requirements to 4.6.1.

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I’m really glad you like the new features @balupad14. I hope they will be useful to you.

In case you want detalis on this release features, check these topics: Topics tagged betafollowup

And stay around, more topics like this will follow!

I just tested a bit of the new features/UX and also some of my old workflows and I’m already liking it. Great job team as always!

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One of the best releases so far! Woop! :slight_smile:


Invoke Java :blush: awesome move

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Guys few features seem missing:

  • During debugging to see the value of output variables
  • Would be nice to be able to test certain container without going through on each on that page or extracting separately
  • when some activities are missing there should be visible which package you should install - maybe install automatically after prompt
  • To be able to change values during debugging and to be able to add activities after or before.
  • Moving back to the previous box to edit and rerun.
  • Better flowchart elements to be cleaner in development and to align elements to grids and having standard size of boxes or measure of changes - see blue prism kind of structure
  • Ok anyway. It is a visual studio workflow so you can not change it, however you might be able to talk with microsoft then.

Well, for me, I find Microsoft Activities Extensions very useful. I use the “Add to dictionary” a lot.
It will be great if we could custom the default packages.

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Hi Andras,

For this one you should check Dependencies per project follow-up topic and let us know if it fits your needs. A punctual answer is that when activities are missing (if you open a project designed with an earlier version) the related activity pack is installed automatically only if it already has the dependencies set in project.json (this means if it was published).

The debugging related ones are great insights for product team to consider.

Noted! :slight_smile:

Update All Packages button is missing
Running in Debug does not follow the flow as in the previous version.

Hello, where i find to download extensions for chrome


On the BETA this is now under Options - Tool & extensions from Start screen
UiExplorer is also accessible from there.





I installed the packages of beta version. But while starting new process those installed packages are not there. Should I install the packages for every new process?

Great! Very happy with the new TFS integration.

Hi, I was trying to export projects made with the stable version, but is it possible to move from this new beta version to the stable one without problems?
I ask can I open the same project with the stable version of Uipath

Hope it won’t be a problem in moving from beta to stable version as there won’t be major changes. but i think beta version is to evaluate and stable is to build the solution.
and @ovi can suggest you better on this

Hi ,
Nice option for team. Superb. But git is crying that is missing in the screen.



No, it won’t be once the 2018.3 Stable is released. It will come soon :slight_smile: