V2018.2 Beta release

v2018.2 Early access

We know that you are eager to find out first hand about what’s new, so we thought we could share a sneak preview on what’s upcoming in UiPath Platform.

Studio beta

v2018.2 is, as of now, available on Studio Community Edition - Beta channel. Please keep in mind that this is a beta release and some of the features could be unstable. Here’s what’s new:

  • Enhanced Variable Watcher - view values of any variable type in Locals panel during debug

  • DPI and Zoom level Independent support - Workflows execute at any DPI, regardless at which DPI they where created. A scale-rescale mechanism was added to support this feature. In addition, newly created projects are independent of browser zoom level. For apps that are DPI unaware or intentionally marked as unaware you can choose to disable DPI scaling.

  • Font smoothing support - possibility to set Font Smoothing property for Remote Desktop execution

  • Enhanced support for Metro apps

  • Community Feed (https://gallery.uipath.com/) is added by default in Studio Community Edition

  • Separate Studio/UiExplorer/Robot Icons - easier to switch between applications and find what you need

  • Studio Analytics - will help us understand end user pain points and areas of concern we should focus on. We track only Studio usage data, no workflow, user data or sensitive data. You can enable/disable this from the config file if you wish to opt out.

How to switch Studio to the new beta


Activities beta

A number of improvements to existing activities and new activities are out and about:

  • Invoke Python Code - you asked, now it’s delivered: activities that interact with python

  • Simplified Data Tables activities - in order to improve the usability and speed up the development process when working with Datatables, especially for users not familiar with the .NET programming environment, new activities were added: Look Up Data Table, Filter Data Table, Sort Data Table. These are core activities, you will have them by default when switch to Studio beta channel

  • Continue activity when using For Each - stops the current For Each iteration and continues to the next element

  • String methods for Generic Type - this improvement allows the use of these methods on Generic Value, thus removing the additional variable conversion

  • Invoke Workflow With Timeout - a new field Timeout (Timespan, similar to the Duration property from Delay Activity) was added to Invoke Workflow activity properties that will trigger an error message if the specified time has passed. The activity will try to abort the child workflow when timeout ends.

  • Stanford NLP Activity Pack - activities that consist of the main Stanford Core NLP API call and help process the data from the call

How to access beta activities

  • go to Package manager
  • right click on the left panel
  • click Configure sources
  • add a new package source - Name: UiPath Beta(or whatever you want) and Source: https://www.myget.org/F/uipath/
    Remember to check the Include Prerelease checkbox in Package Manager.

Orchestrator beta

New capabilities fresh from development:

  • Attended jobs in Orchestrator - Attended jobs are now visible in Orchestrator on Jobs page, making troubleshooting and usage reports for them a lot easier.

  • Download functionality for Packages

  • Improved reviewer experience - As a reviewer you can easily track the items assigned to you in the Review Requests tab accessible from the Queues section.

  • Azure AD SSO - Orchestrator users can now sign in using the Azure single sign-on if they have an Azure subscription - either Microsoft School or Work account.

  • Package Feed Protection - authorization, authentication and audit for packages published from Studio

  • Unattended Robot machines now have runtimes defined in Orchestrator - Jobs will stay in Pending state if there are no available runtimes to execute the processes


Love how it differentiates the Studio, UiRobot and UiExplorer icon!


I can’t find Stanford NLP Activity Pack. Is it available?


Yes, it is there. Update package (Cognitive). image


IsNullOrEmpty string fucntion is not working in this latest uipath studio version.
This was working fine till yesterday,
Any suggestion?

Paresh Borole


How about String.IsNullOrEmpty(item.ToString)?


Hi @qbrandon,

Thanks,it worked. But above syntax which i have shared in screenshot was working in previous version. It won’t work from 2018.2 version?

Paresh Borole


Hi @Paresh

Could you please hover over the blue exclamation mark in the first screenshot you shared? What’s the error message you are getting?



Hi @ovi,

Sure. PFB

Paresh Borole



The validation is explicitly saying that you need to provide “value” parameter to evaluate the function.

In your case you would use:


Hi @Florent_Salendres,

Agreed on what you are saying. However my doubt is - It was running without syntax error in previous version but not in this version. And want to know if this will continue for next versions or this will be improved in next versions?

Paresh Borole


Since this would not be natively pass the validation in .Net without custom extensions, think it will stay the way it is.




How to convert a text string to StanfordCoreNlPSentence Object? Don’t see documentation for this activity on https://activities.uipath.com/docs


It’s the small things that make me happy :slight_smile:

I’m also really curious to see the “Enhanced Variable Watcher” in action


Hi @KapilKathuria

There is no documentation yet because this is a Beta release. When the official release will come we will have them documented.

I don’t see the point in doing this. The idea here is to analyze a text with Text analysis activity - the output here would be a List of StanfordCoreNlpSentence. Then iterate through that list (For each activity) and the Sentence you need would be the item in For each.


Yup Thorsten, I feel you :blush:

Try it on Studio beta and let us know what you think.


Hi Team,
What is the plan to rollout the stable version of v2018.2. We are in process of onboarding uipath orchesterator for one important client.


Hi Amit,

Check out Badita’s answer in this post: