2 Processes one after another

hallo , I’m trying to run 2 Processes one after another the first is to log in SAP and the 2nd is to get Excel table but when i run the robot it occurs a Problem .
How can i run the 2 processes with a mishap to occur ?
"the problem with the last sequence with open the Excel Table "

Hello @Abx9,

Are you meaning that you want to use two robots at the same time?

If so, your process would be loggin in SAP → Get data → Paste this data in Excel?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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it should be in one robot but i want to start SAP → get Data–> Start Excel
so How to separate the two processes ?
is there a methode or sequence ??

Yes. You can use the Dispatcher and Performer method.

The dispatcher is a workflow that get the data. In this case, the robot would loggin SAP, get the data and write it on in an Exce.

The Peformer is a workflow that read the data inside the Excel and perform a process.

In this case, you are splitting a big process into 2 big steps.

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