Run 3 process in Sequential flow - > Attended Bot (No scheduler-No Orchestrator)

Hello Everyone,

I have a use case with me, and I am bit out of time to do r&d now.


I have 3 standalone process (3 Re-Framework Process), which runs fine, I need to run these 3 standalone process in sequential manner, one after another for ex. Process 1 - > Process 2 - > Process 3

Any help will be highly appreciated .

Why not just build it as one process?

Hi @postwick

These process run in standalone mode. All three works like queue based transactions, one item at a time from shared excel file. Process 1 Process 2 Process 3 needs to run in this sequence only. So can’t build this as one process

Of course you can build it as one Process. Build the steps sequentially in your automation so “process 1” steps execute, then “process 2” steps execute, etc.

Sequence (Process 1 steps) → Sequence (Process 2 steps) → Sequence (Process 3 steps)

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Do you need to process queue item1 by all 3 processes and the progress to queue item2, item3 etc.?


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Hi @J0ska Hello and Thank you for your response.

I have one shared excel with line item in it.
I process each item one by one. For the first time… I read them as new and change this status post processing like… Ready for process 2 or Ready for process 3.
For ex
Queue item 1

First process use it… change status then only second process can utilize it… and vice verssa…second process utilize it then only it will go to third process.

So - all items in excell will be processed by Process1, next all items will be processed by Process2 and so on, right?

In that case you could create one “Super process” and use “Invoke Process” activity to launch your current processes in sequence.


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Thanks @J0ska
This is what I am doing right now. Do you have any other feedback that can help in streamline such process. I am using attended robots without orchestrator. Is there any way to inform user on what is happening on screen by some UI or on screen logs.
Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Sure. You could try this solution from market place


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Get transaction item

  • process 1 steps
  • set transaction progress
  • process 2 steps
  • set transaction progress
  • process 3 steps
  • set transaction progress

Set transaction status (success/fail)

There’s nothing you’ve told use here that says these have to be three separate jobs.

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@postwick Indeed true…I might not be able to communicate it properly. But i have my answer now. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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