0xC0000005 exit error with Java Web Launcher


I am currently facing an issue with testing a process that uses the Java Web Launcher application. When attempting to enter data on a table, the application freezes, and then UiPath Executor crashes, producing the exit code 0xC0000005. The Java application is then unresponsive until it is killed.

Is this issue caused by UiPath, or is it caused by the Java Web Launcher?

This issue is caused by Java Launcher. Ensure that you have installed the UiPath Java runtime plugin.Go to tools–>Java runtime plugin and install it. I hope this resolves your issues.

Hi @shetanshudhar,

I already have this plug-in installed. I have automated on the Java application before without this issue, but doing different actions.

then it is definitely the java web launcher.

Hey @shetanshudhar,

It seems that the issue has resolved itself, as far as I’m aware… Very odd. I restarted my machine an hour ago and the issue above occured multiple times after that, and now it seems to be working fine.

Well this is strange because I thought that some firewall or antivirus property or powershell access issue was preventing your java launcher from starting properly.

I have the some problem and error occurs yet.
Someone could answer to resolve this issue?

Thanks a lot.

Hey @Andrea_S,

I didn’t get a fix for this, unfortunately. It just seemed to stop occuring, and the process works fine now.

Any solution?

Hey @Stephu,

The issue hasn’t occurred since I put this post out. I don’t think there was a solution for it, it sort of just went away…

I hope the same happens for you :smiley:

Setting this as the solution so the topic gets closed…

My Java launcher issue seems to have stopped occurring, with no updates/changes made. Restart your machine and see what happens

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