Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xC0000005 UiPathJavaBridgeV8.dll

For anyone at UiPath reading - do we know if there is an issue with the UiPathJavaBridgeV8.dll

The automation I’m recently having trouble with which was created on an earlier version of UiPath Studio but now using 20.4.1 is exhibiting these errors - I’ve only seen the issue recently as far as I know (the person who normally runs the automations in the LIVE environment went on holiday so it was brought to my attention by other people)

Anyway - I’ve checked the Windows logs and have noticed this :

The application I have automated is a java app running in Internet Explorer 11.1339.17763.0

The version of java the application required is version 8 update 77


This only seems to happen on the automations that use this Java app across different Physical & virtual machines - all other automations are OK.

We are using an older version of Orchestrator 2019.4.4


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Hi @roy_r,

did you solve the issue?

DId you found a solution. I have the same error

@roy_r @Alberto_Sancho did any of you resolve this issue yet? We’re encountering the exact same issue at the moment.

@Stephu did any of you resolve this issue yet? We’re encountering the exact same issue at the moment

Sadly not. Maybe you should make a ticket

Hi Oscar,

No not resolved yet. It’s interesting because it’s not only my projects that this happens with, it appears that it could be a UiPath issue in the way that it’s handling or not handling whatever it’s supposed to handle.

It’s happened on my own machine as well as running via Orchestrator - on physical and Virtual machines.

It’s not consistent either. It’s quite irritating isn’t it?

Sorry for the late reply - I haven’t been on here in a while.