Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xC0000005 with Excel Application Scope

Hi experts,
I have this problem when run workflow and execute activity Excel Application Scope.
I have updated Java virtual machine, plugin Java, and installed the last version of Uipath.Excel.Activities 2.9.1.

Please, could you help me to resolve this issue?

Best regards.

Hi Andrea,

Try to close the excel application through task manager i.e close the excel application running in the background and while executing keep the excel closed.


Hi Akansha,
thansk for your answer, but I’ve tried this before and it doesn’t work.
I’ve Uipath Pro Community 2020 6.0-beta93.

I’ve also upadated this package:

Hi @Andrea_S,
do you use attended or unattended automation?
Which user are you using to access that folder, are you ‘Admin’ user where document is stored, because maybe there is a problem with accessing rights on that file.

Also you can check if the file is corrupt as explained on Microsoft Forum:

Best regards,

Hi Andrea,

Just so you know I’ve recently been getting this error and traced it down to clicking on an element inside a java application in the Internet Explorer browser. For some reason there was a popup that was causing this error to occur - no idea why but by going through the steps manually by hand exposed the popup so I was able to deal with it.

So this error may not just be down to Excel it could just be Windows related.

However in your case - when looking on the forums it would seem others have had success when downgrading to an earlier version of UiParh.Excel.Activities (I think 2.7.2 from memory) Were you experiencing the issue on that version.

I have another project that is randomly throwing up this error so will update this thread when I fix it.

Thanks roy_r, i tried to install 2.7.2 Excel Activities but error occurs yet.
I wait for your solution.


Hey Andra,

Could you try using a workbookVariable here and then after you have finished writing to the spreadsheet, use the ‘Close Workbook’ activity and specify the workbook variable of course.

FOLLOWED by a short delay - maybe 5 seconds.

For anyone at UiPath reading - do we know if there is an issue with the UiPathJavaBridgeV8.dll

The automation I’m recently having trouble with which was created on an earlier version of UiPath Studio but now using 20.4.1 is exhibiting these errors - I’ve only seen the issue recently as far as I know (the person who normally runs the automations in the LIVE environment went on holiday so it was brought to my attention by other people)

Anyway - I’ve checked the Windows logs and have noticed this :

The application I have automated is a java app running in Internet Explorer 11.1339.17763.0

The version of java the application requires is version 8 update 77

This only seems to happen on the automations that use this Java app across different Physical & virtual machines - all other automations are OK.

We are using an older version of Orchestrator 2019.4.4