ZenDesk Integration Service - Build Ticket


I’m trying to build out a automation using the ZenDesk integration service where it creates a ticket within ZenDesk.

Specifically, I am trying to figure out how to fill the following two fields, Contact Method and Category

As best I can tell, these are considered Custom Fields from ZenDesk, which has a property value attached to the Tickets type:

However, there is no documentation on how to structure the values to fill them in.

If anyone has done this, I’d greatly appreciate some insight!

“{"“ticket”":{"“custom_fields”":[{"“id”":"+get the id for contact method+","“value”":"""+contact method value+"""}]}}"
pass the above json in the body of httprequest

To get id for contact method
zendesk url/api/v2/ticket number.json -chose any ticket where contact method field is filled , so that you can search with that value and get the corresponding id for it

Hi @naschmid

Please let us know if this helped


I’m not using the http request method, I’m using the integration service activities which just passes a ‘tickets’ data type.

Ok i haven’t used it

Wanted to let you know that I heard back from Support and the feature to fill custom fields is not yet available in the activities package.


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