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Hi, @Srini84 @GBK,

Thank you for the advices.
I am not sure where is the “local config file” or “folder” because the asset was created online in the Orchestrator.
As I mentioned earlier, I am still able to use the same asset in a program created previously in Studio V20.4.0, but only facing problems in creating new program in Studio V20.6.0.


Yes in the latest orchestrator, it is in folders concept

If you have permissions to that folder then you can able to see from studio also, So you have to check with your admin to assign permission to that folder

also you can always raise this to technical support of UiPath if you are using Enterprise License

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Hi, @Srini84,

Yes, I am the admin and have access to Assets folder in Orchestrator.

Could you please advise:

  1. How do I see the asset from Studio?
  2. Why am I still able to use the same asset in a program created previously in Studio V20.4.0, but only facing problems in creating new program in Studio V20.6.0?
  1. There are activities: Get asset or Get credential in Studio.
    Get credential provide you username and password (securestring)
  2. If is the same orchestrator you can take the asset in all version and/or project.

Hi, @andreus91,

  1. I have been using Get Credential.
  2. I tried to compare two programs, the differences are basically the project dependencies.

This is the one created much earlier and still working in Studio.

while this is the one newly created with error message:

Both program are using the same Asset.

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I had same experience, I used the “older” 20.4.0 System Activities and it was working.


@egtigas, thanks for sharing.

I believe it is a compatibility issue.
The solution I have is to remove the Asset created in old version and re-create in Ver. 20.6.0.

I can confirm downgrading UiPath.System.Activities from v20.6.1-preview to v20.4.0 works.




I’m so happy this worked! I thought I was going mad.

This was also stopping me uploading data to an orchestrator queue.

Presumably someone from UiPath should be investigating this if the system activities in the latest build don’t work for orchestrator activities.

UiPath; when You will fix that issue with package?

This is the solution, downgrading your activities to 20.4.0

Hi, I got the same error.

But, after an update of my packages the issue was solved.

I was getting this error after upgrading orchestrator from 2019.10.19 to 2020.10.8

I removed the robot from the orchestrator and added it again. It worked for me.

Update : Also downgrading the system.activities to 20.4.0 worked


Hi @GhostBuster

I have faced the same issue while using Uipath.System.Activities version 19.10.1. The problem was resolved when I upgraded it to the latest stable version.

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Same issue … Updating from UiPath.System.Activities 20.4.0 to 20.4.1 seemed to cure it. Thankyou forum people.

Hi guys,

Thank GOD! in my case it worked updated the ‘Dependencies’ GREAT CATCH! GUYS!


Deleting the asset and creating it again worked for me.

yeah… that is a workaround. but it shouldn’t be the case. if it is bug with the UiPath then it should be fixed. @loginerror - Request you to look into it.

Since we are using many other activities which are dependent on the latest version of the UiPath.system.activities. downgrading the package would not work.

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We had same issue recently. Turns out for us it was because we had recently renewed our on-prem orchestrator server SSL certificate. It sounds like 2020.10+ activities in studio that pertain to retrieving info from orchestrator (Like get assets in our case), require you to update configuration on your identity server.

Long story short,we had to update the appsettings.Production.json file where the identity server was installed and put the thumbprint of the new SSL certificate.

For more background see:


Try changing the uipath.system.activities to 21.10.2 or higher version. this issue will be resolved.