Yearly report Performer Taxid Error

Hi, i’m doing yearly report performer. When i run the workflow im getting the above. Even i take the text from taxID, but whenever im putting the taxid in vendor taxid some other is coming.

Plz help me with this

Generate yearly (658.2 KB)

Here it is my Workflow. If possible plz help me with modification.

hi @Hari_HK
check this please


Still same i tried it 2 times

We can help you with tips, but not edit the file for academy related content, so better not attach them here…

I’m not asking u to edit. But help me with that error. I have attached it so that if anyone see it and help me where I have mistaken

And i am saying that this type of content should not be uploaded, but i am not your boss… :wink:

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I don’t know some people are giving info about errors like this. So I followed and nothing