Generate yearly report performer: error in extracting taxid

can any one plz help me with this

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Good day and welcome to the UiPath Forum @harikrishna2!
This could be an issue with the Process.xaml sequence order or the workflow responsible for extracting the Vendor’s Info.

  • Process sequence order:
    • Please make sure that a workflow that will navigate to the current Work Items details is present before the workflow that’ll be used for vendor info extraction
    • Verify that all necessary arguments are present in the Invoked activities in your Process sequence.
  • Extract Vendor info workflow:
    • Use element exists and logs to verify successful info extraction.

Hey will u narrow the error I have made if I tell u what is happening when I run the performer.

When I run the project
~ it’s login to acme
~later it should have to go to work items and extract vendor info but it actually stays in dashboard and refreshes 2 times.
~next it will do as above in the pic