Ui path assignment Performer acme - test unauthorized

Hi, now I’m working on the Performer Workflow Generate Yearly Report. when I run the workflow it’s logging after that getting unauthorized acme page can anyone please help me
Generate_Yearly_Report_Performer.zip (654.4 KB) unauthorised

Thanks, Advance

It might be because of some issue. Please try again after a while.

Karthik Byggari

@KarthikByggari @Aditi_rathore
hi guys have we had any resolve to this i am facing the same issues even if i use robot or try to do it manually

Hi, why are you trying those links? I guess you are not supposed to go there, i get the same “error” but i guess it is not a problem…

@FaraiHuruba did you resolve this issue

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HI @Aditi_rathore

You are passing wrong URL.
It should be work-items not work_items.


yeah, I resolved this issue and I completed my assignments and the certification also.

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@Aditi_rathore i haven`t looked at it again since i posted have had a project i m working on

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