Create yearly report, performer not correct

I’ve Uploaded my workflow 8 times now, and not gotten a single point correct. As it takes a long time to run (30 minutes), For my last attempt I just ran 2 clients through, to try to find the specific error. My coworker next to me has passed and has checked my results- he cannot find the error, so I hope you can help.
I know the excel file is named 2018 - while the dates in the report are 2017, but that is the same for my coworker, so I dont think that is the error

This is my updated WorkItem:

This is my workitem:

this is my report filepath:

and this is how my report looks in Excel:

Comments section is wrong.

It should be Uploaded with ID [uploadID]

Not just uploadID.

Hope it works for you.

Yeah, I thought so too…then I got my collegue to check his, and they are without the “Uploaded with ID”

just like the one I posted