Year mod 4 = 0 is not working in studio 2018.1.4

RPA Academy - Lesson 2 - Control flow

For the if condition in Sequence. I am following the exact method as in the video.
But for input, year = 2015. The response is “That’s a leap year”.

year is an int32 variable.!


Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Can you attach your workflow please

Main.xaml (5.8 KB)
hope this will solve your issue

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Thanks! I forgot to declare the “Result” in the sequence.


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Is that got resolved? I am also getting same error while i do the RPA Academy Course.
Without completing this step cant move further in the course. Need experts help. Thanks in advance.


Hi Shenoy,

did you get it resolved? its me now. Need help

Ensure the Variable type is int32 and not string.