Sequence if example Lesson 2

Hey there,

Im always try to do your examples. So i stuck at the if Sequence. Also on your Training video you shown only the “it is a Leap year”. So what does my “uipatch” if i put in years in your if Sequence:

2013 -> Its a leap year
2014-> Its a leap year.
2015-> Its a leap year :slight_smile:

I did (i think i did) exactly the same which your presenter does.

Please help me where the error is.

And for sure thank you for this nice academy

any ideas regarding my question?

Could you please upload your workflow.

Main.xaml (26.7 KB)

Find it here. Workflow works fine. Thank You

Workflow works fine? did u able to solve by yourself.
Then good for you .
Is there anything more your looking from the forum.

no its not working :slight_smile: Its always saying its a leap year…also if i put in a year which is not a leap year.

I dont understand why …

Hi @Wolfgang,

Please add variable “year” in properties of input dialog box in output
It works fine.

Happy automating !
Dominic Arul Collins V

Here we go…
Main (11).xaml (7.9 KB)