XPath expression not printing attribute as expected

Hi, I am trying to deserialize an XML and print the value of an attribute. I’ve looked at a number of examples of this, but am currently stuck and am unsure what I’m missing. The title=“asabatino002” is what I’m looking to print. Specifically, I want the output to be asabatino002:

My expectation is that is my parent, is my child and title is the attribute. If I include or in my Execute XPath activity, I print a null. For example:


However, if my expression only includes @title, I print asabatino002 as desired.


Since I have multiple children, I want to be able to loop through each of them pulling the attribute. So I need to be able to distinguish between highlight 1, highlight 2, highlight n…

Here’s the xml and my workflow:

Here’s my .xml and .xaml: h t t p s://drive.google.com/open?id=14yLkdIHXK-pANj_lK-llKK9fGKH7BKPs

Thanks for any help in advanced.