Using Deserialize XML Acitvity


I have an xml string which goes like this :

The title tag has language attributes.
When i copy this string into the XMLString input property of Deserialize XML activity, I obviously have to escape the ". So this is what i copy. Since it is a string I append it with apostrophes at the start and end.

But I am getting this compiler error:
String constants should end with double apostrophe.
Where am i going wrong?


Check if you are having the same issue when you get the xml data using Read Text activity(instead of pasting) and pass the output into xml deserialize activity.


Thanks @vvaidya, I did not get any complier error


I deserialized my XML and stored the output argument as .But don’t know, how to print the specific tag values using the for each activity.

foreach (XElement xE in xDoc.Descendants("Record"))
    Write line -> xE.Element("Name").Value


Hi ,

Please find below tutorials on XML handling

Read XML files and get data - Namespaces