Xml reading


please help me, how can i read the following xml

0ec0ab25ce63c49030488ae7a36021557bee9ae7c3e7679cd314854267161034986c163c44a18a4d4298cf8094b94260.xml (19.7 KB)
generates the following error

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you have already handled the namesspaces. Also have a look here, for some analysis techniques

some doubts are on the first part. maybe name and namespace vars are swappend in the order.

As an alternate you can try: OutData.Root.Descendants(cbc + “Note”)
cbc is of Datatype: XNamespace and correctly configued

Also have a look on this quick crosscheck:


make the change, but I get another error, shouldn’t I use the for each?

check your element name Nota vs. Note

I corrected it but the error continues


I need to capture the text in yellow, since the cbc:Note tag repeats, I use the cycle for each, is that correct?

kindly note: when the check within the immediate panel is working we have a proof that the code is working.

When an element name is wrong spelled then also it will fail. Same when the namespace is not properly configured. Have you checked that a correct value (see above screenshot) is assigned to cbc. From default value (your screenshot) we do see that it is empty. Sot somewhere else it has to be assigned before usage.

Just check this also while debugging. Feel free to share your xaml with us for a further inspection

thanks for all the help, I am new to reading xml and it has been difficult for me to understand the process, I understand that I must assign a value to the variable “cbc” but how can I do this, I attach .xaml
LecturaXML.xaml (8.5 KB)

As mentioned and shown above in the screenshots and the link.
Similar in your case e.g. for CBC:

There is no longer an error, but how can I capture the content of the label, because it does not enter the cycle

Just tell us what is your initial requirement. What is the expected output?


the text in yellow

check that your implementation has following modelling:

make the change, but when validating with debug, I see that it does not enter the cycle and for this reason it does not capture the value

this code is running at my end and displays the value in the message boxes.

We also see the * indicating that changws are not saved.
Run it / debug it at your end and track the variable values in case furthe inspection is needed.

Can you also show your current variable panel with the variables that you had configured? Thanks

check it with debug, but it does not enter the for each, therefore the variable “cufe” is not executed

thank you

you have to continue the debug e.g. press continuar or Entrar en

if that process is carried out until the end, that is why I mention that it does not enter the debug, because I may count, it returns to the beginning and ends, never enter the for each

We would recommend to take a break from the implementation.

Then go to the UiPath Academy and get trained on debugging by the coresponding course “Debugging”. Afterwards you will be well prepared to finalize it.

In general you have already done the right modelling, assumed you applied the things as shown and also the right XML file is processed.