Reading UBL cac, cbc namespaces

Hello guys,
I am trying to reading xml folder and taking the tax amount and transfering to excel.

Any help will be appreciated

Have a look here, on how to handle namespaces

Thanks for help, trying immediately.

Other examples as well:

and more are additional available

Thank you for your help.
I need specific item like “cbc:InvoicedQuantity”
How can I achieve?

the provided resource would clear it.

  • defines namespace variables
  • implement the extraction

Otherwise share your XML with us, in case of further help is needed

A rough Quick implementation:

 xDoc.Root.Descendants(xnsCAC + "InvoiceLine").First().Element(xnsCBC + "InvoicedQuantity").Value
 xDoc.Root.Descendants(xnsCAC + "InvoiceLine")(1).Element(xnsCBC + "InvoicedQuantity").Value
 xDoc.Root.Descendants(xnsCAC + "InvoiceLine").Count

However go through the provided resources and you will get implemented your case with this help very quickly

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thanks for help :smile:

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