Does not read some xml file data

I don’t understand why it doesn’t read certain data from my xml file
Note: I am using “xnamesapce” variables. Also I also go through for each, the terms to be able to read the data through “read text” and “deserealize xml”, I hope you can help me


I did work with XML and namespaces in the past and got it working. Yes you should work with namespaces. From the screenshots may you can help with some information:

  • with second one you want to show on how you implemented the element value retrieval
  • what is item. the xDoc from the deserialization

and in general:

  • did you get any value (the first one from the modelled access path) on no value?
  • can you prepare a sample xml with anonymized data? (So quicker we can help you)
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valores sin extraer.xaml (15.0 KB)
“item” is the value of “for each” that was used
the desearilize xml resulted in “dox_xml” so call it
I put this in a for each and that is why the variable “item” which is the one I use

20600456165-01-F001-408.xml (14.6 KB)

I do not know how to prepare an xml ?, but I can not pass the image

that data I would like to extract, the xml file is almost similar

I will have a Look on IT after my Dinner and the will give you some Feedback

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PFA Demo XAML are prototype work based on yours:
borismh.xaml (14.9 KB)
PFA Demo XML filled up with demo elements similar to your first screenshot:
borismh.xml (9.7 KB)

Elements without namespace extension in the form of XXX:Elementname are retrievable under the default namespaces. This Part I added. Please pay attention to the 2 different aproaches on value retrieval (via Path, via relative decendants)

On the first step I was blocked as well. But then I used the technique of log out element names. So I found out on which part of retrieval failed, due element was not proper referenced with the combination of namesspace and (local)name.

Let us know your feedback and mark the solving post as solution. So others can benefit from it.

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