XML parsing with UIPATH

Hello everyone, i need to parse xml files and then with the information from csv file to create a new xml file with the data from both xml and csv.
The problem is i dont know how to save the structure of xml file (i need not only the tags and their data, but also the structure). For example i have a packing event and for writing in new xml file i should know which

of the package is/are at the top of that structure, like the parent of the parent.
I tried usuing dictioanry but i see the only tip is to save the tag as a key, and the value of the tag as a value. That as i think help me to know the structure. Or am i mistaking?
Any advices pls

P.S. i also started to get lots of errors after started using the dictionaty, even if they dont used in a new project.

just upload the XML file along with expected retrieval result description e.g XML Element/Attribute list.
So we can more direct work out a solution.

Are you getting error when you are trying to deserialize xml using the activity @Aleksandr_Smurov,
the error in the screenshot in the reply is not related to excel, you just need to start the studio once

Ok, i need from the EPCIS and INVOICE file get an 415 file. The link to my folder here - RPA — Yandex.Disk
The epcis and the invoice are connected with the key field “RR_RU_DOC_NUM”.
As a result i want to get an 415 file. Any tips how to store structured information and then create and write 415 file?

Deserializing is ok, but after i started using dictionary with Microsoft.Activities it statred crushing. Also after restarting it crushes file and i get this error every time, even when create a new file and then the only way is to reinstall studio. BTW i have stable version so that’s more then strange :DDD.
Anyway, maybe you have any other solutionts for the goal i wrote to ppr .

I will later have a look on it while I do travelling (hope I will get internet during the journey). Maybe @HareeshMR can cowork with me, so you will get faster a solution

Thank you very much, i already spent abiut 5 hours to find any libary or smth which can help me on youtube, google and so on. I will not stop anyway, big thanks if you can just give me an idea. Thank you

the first quick shot that i can give in case XML processing kills uipath is to reduce xml data (eg. only 2 records if many are present) and removing all name spaces and dtd references. This helped me in one similar situation