Can't access to different XML files

I have a question here. How if I’m having two different xml files but the elements inside are partially the same. The only difference is that my first file do not have the details about city and state, however my second file have the details on it. I’m gonna use the same workflow to execute both files. So what can I do to execute the program using the same workflow but with both XML files partially different on the details.

For example, I have insert the command to write out my city [write line text: "city : " +item.Element(“adrVal”).Element(“pad”).Elements(“cty”).Value.ToString] and state [write line text: "state : " +item.Element(“adrVal”).Element(“pad”).Elements(“ste”).Value.ToString]. But, the workflow failed while first file (no details on city and state) was being read.

Any step or command I need to perform out to prevent this problem?

Hi @yushinchan

Use Deserialize xml activity and based on that

Ashwin S

I had use it on the beginning of my workflow.
But still, my program still throwing a problem.

Hi @yushinchan

Use it based on for each item

Ashwin S


What error you are getting

Hi ,please try the below

Hi @vinay_reddy
do you have any further details or examples regarding to this XML Conversion Activities? I have done research on this but found out with less information on this. That’s why I am still blur on this conversion activities. Thanks :’)