Xml Files Loop

How can we add xml files in loop so that all files are executed in same order one by one ?

For Example
These files should be added in loop

Thanks in Advance!!!

You Can invoke the 3 Xamls in a new(Main) Xaml in a Sequence.

Thanks @loveleet_Saini
Yes that can be done but I wanted to know if we could do it using For loop maybe using list. Can it be done in some other way

@anmita For Loop is used until a condition is met.
what are those 3 Xamls ?

I just meant as an example is there other ways also to execute the files

You can use flowchart.

Directory.GetFiles("YourPath", "*.xml") will look for all xml files within a directory and pass it to the loop

we also can use a list/array… e.g. {“File1.xml”, “File2.xml”,“File3.xml”}

Thanks @ppr !!!

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