Wrong Tab Selected in Studio X


I have a scenario where I am using Excel for each row. The process runs through each row in my excel file to enter the names of the profiles I am trying to search for. After entering the First and Last name I click view profile, and a new tab shows in Chrome. The tab is specific to the profile in the current row. What I am running into is how to get UiPath Studio X to recognize a new tab for each profile I enter and pull information specific to the profile in the current row.

Currently I have the App/Browser pointing to the first profile I have in my list, but as the process runs through each row, the first profile is the only tab being selected. How do I get UiPath StudioX to select each tab specific to the current row?

I apologize as this is the first topic I have posted and unsure what information may be needed to help solve the problem. Please let me know what may be helpful to include.

Hi @cbnetworks
Welcome to the UiPath forums and hey, we all start somewhere!
No worries, I think your post does have all the necessary information. What will certainly help is if you could post a couple of screenshots of the application/website if possible.

To answer your question in general, a couple of recommendations.

  1. Consider closing each profile-specific tab after you’ve captured all the necessary information. This way you can avoid the bots getting confused between multiple profile tabs.
  2. Try to find a pattern in the title bar of the profile window that is common to all profiles. For example, if the window tile is something like
    "Profile Information - John Doe - Google Chrome"
    Assuming that John Doe is the first and last name that you searched for, all the other parts are common. So you can use that in your ‘Anchor-Selector’ pair (the green and blue boxes that appear when you indicate element on webpage)
    Edit the Selector to match any first-last names:
    "Profile Information - * - Google Chrome"

The asterisk ( * ) will act as the wildcard character to match any name on the profile tab. Referring to bullet point 1 above, since you have only one tab open, you can be fairly certain that you’re capturing the correct information.

I hope this helps.

Thank you, Ash! Very much appreciate your time to take a look at this.

I went ahead and created the close tab after the information has been collected. I was also able to find a common pattern between the profiles. All the Tab names look to be the same no matter the profile selected. Should I still edit the selector with a wildcard? Unfortunately, each one doesn’t have a unique identifier.

I do have a few screen shots that will hopefully help us through this as well. The first one I was able to find a common pattern in each of the profiles, but nothing unique to each one.

The second screen shot is from the URL of the profiles I am selecting. I had to black out most of it, but I’m seeing StuidoX pointing to this same URL each time instead of selecting the new URL from the next profile.


you can use navigate to activity with the dynamic url selected to go through each profile if there is any difference in the url
you can build a dynamic url with inserting the argument or variable name into the url

First of all, if you have assured that only one profile tab is open at any time, that alone will avoid most of the conflict/confusion issues. Verifying the selector is sort of the second line of defence. In a case where you don’t have a reliable difference in the selectors, you can use one of the elements on the page instead.

For instance, you know the first and last names of the profile. Presumably, the page will have the first name and last name on the profile page. Use ‘Get Text’ activity to read from the profile name field(s) to verify that you’re looking at the right person.
As long as you can validate the known data (e.g. names or any other info you have), you can rely on the other data captured from that page.

Thank you, sandhya. This looks like a good solution, but I’m not sure how to execute it? Right now I’m not sure what each URL is for each profile. And maybe I’m misunderstanding, but are you thinking I would pull the URL for each profile from the excel spreadsheet?

Ash, I was able to verify I only have one profile tab open at each time. Unfortunately, I’m not able to pull any information from the profile page for the second record. Instead UiPath opens the page based on the first URL I have attached in the Use App Browser activity during the setup process. Then for each profile after the first record it defaults to the first URL path instead of the correct URL for the second record. I think it might have something to do with each profile having their own unique encoded URL? And unfortunately, I don’t know what each one is, until I click the view record button in the application.

Here’s the part of the application where it is getting stuck. This first screen shot is where I select the record. The second screen shot is the tab it should be on, instead, to start pulling information.

If I don’t use the UiPath Use App Browser, I can use keyboard shortcuts to select the appropriate tab(second tab), but then when I try to get the selected information it defaults back to the first screen shot(first tab).

When I do have the UiPath Use App Browser, I can get to the correct tab for the first profile, but UiPath opens it in a new window, and I’m unable to close the tab that automatically opens when I click view record in the first screenshot. Meaning I then have two profile tabs open at the same time, but I’m unable to close the tab that automatically opens in the first screenshot. But I can get the correct information for the first profile from the new window UiPath opens. After I get the profile information I need I have UIPath close the new window it opened for the first profile.

UiPath then moves to the next profile in my spreadsheet, but when I get UiPath to the same point where I click view record, UiPath opens a new window but with the first URL from the first profile, and not the URL for the second record I am on. UiPath then records the information from the first URL instead of the correct URL from the second record. And unfortunately, I can’t get UiPath to point to the correct URL unless I update the Use App Browser in setup each time. And unfortunately I don’t know all the URLs for each record until I click the view record button.