Wrong exam question?

Hello everybody!

I prepare myself for the professional dev exam. There is one question regarding REFramework and the numbers of retries. Let me cite that for you.

“A process uses the Robotic Enterprise (RE) Framework with queues. The value of the Max # of retries on the queue is 3 and the MaxRetryNumber value in the config file is 2. In the event of repeating Application Exceptions, what is the maximum number of times a Queue Item will be retried?”

The important information is about maximum number of retries. I know it should be 3 BUT there’s explicit said config file is 2. So, I don’t know what really happens if I turn the number 2 because it has to be 0 in combination with a queue.

I made an experiment and built up an REFramwork with those conditions. It turns out the number of retries is 4. And 4 is not an option.

Do I have an error in my understanding or is the question just wrong?


Are you sure that it’s 4 retries? The first try is not a retry so it looks more like: First Try + Three Retries = 4 Tries in total.

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Hi @Enrico

First is not a retry its system exception first its has thrown, then after it will do 3 retries.



Config > Queue Settings

Retries are tries for which a new item is created in the queue.

So the number you use in config or Queue does not include the initial run. I know this is confusing so just remember to add one to know the max number of tries (initial try, rest retries)

I see. Thank you.