Writing xlsx file issue

Hello Friends,

i’m tring to write cell in an xls file, when the cell is empty it works fine, but when trying to write an other value in the same cell i have the following error:

RemoteException wrapping NPOI.Util.RecordFormatException: Unable to construct record instance


Read the excel file into a data table variable.
Write the excel file again using Write Range Activity into another excel file
Perform the write cell operation on this new file.

Hi @abdel ,

Sometimes it happens when normal activities get failed, Try to use interop code in invoke code activity.

Let me know if you need any help on this.

Can you please let me know how ?

Please find test file attached to below solution.

Strange, i can’t found the Microsoft.Office.Interop in the packages:

Can i use the VB code without installign Excel in my PC??

Go to settings and select nuget and then try

Thanx :slight_smile: , got it can i use this VB code without installig Excel?

because i’m using Workbook Write Excel on a template:

Not sure on this.
But it should work, put it in try catch so that you can get to know if something went wrong to this action.

it works for the VBA code, but still the same issue in the workbook write cell activity

But you said it was working, what is the issue now ?

the write cell range does not work, but the VBA works fin
in fact i don’t want to use Office, Excel activities for security concern