How to write in excel cell of the row

i have a excel automation i was using read CSV and i was performing automation by taking for each row activity now i need after the completion of that row it should write ‘complete’ in status coloumn of that row how to do that

Use an assign activity in your For Each Row activity. If the column name is “Status”, use an assign activity with the following on the left: row("Status").

The right side of the Assign activity should be "Complete".

it was throwing error

You have to read data into the datatable first. Use Read Range before iterating over the table.

@Anthony_Humphries i took read CSV activity and added data to a variable Datatable and i use that variable generally for for each activity can you please help me how to write the “complete” after the completion of that row

If you mean to write “complete” to the output console, you can use Write Line with text “Complete”.

If you’re updating a column in the datatable (e.g. “Status”), you can do it with an Assign activity with the left side having row("Status") and the right side having "Complete".

@Anthony_Humphries Yes i want to update in the table which is present in the .csv file but when i used assign i was getting above error i was attaching my flow file can you please edit it please HR_Changes.xaml (7.4 KB)

You need to connect your start node to your other nodes for the workflow to work.

Also forgot to mention: You’ll want to use Add data column to add a new column “Status” to your datatable before you use the assign activity.

@Anthony_Humphries the status column is already present in the csv file it should just write complete