Writing Reference for Intellectual Property Used From The Orchestrator Guide

Orchestrator Guide

Hi all, I am using some information from the link and writing a manual for using the Orchestrator. My question is about the information contained in the studio, robot, and orchestrator guides. How should I reference these texts in my manual? I am asking because instead of re-writing the information, I am using the exact same text for my own guide.This guide might be used in a professional environment.

Thanks in advance.

@haider8645 - One thing you have to do in your document is to have a reference section and provide references to the links or information you are quoting from UiPath guides.

You might also want to reach out to UiPath team to confirm with them if there is anything else you need to do so that you do not violate any copyrights etc.

@sreenivasm, Ok thanks. I will wait for a UiPath rep to answer this question before accepting your solution. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @haider8645

I would strongly suggest you to contact our support for this query as this is indeed a legal matter.

I’d rather not answer it myself without any research.

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