Writing in Excel

Is there any way to write the data displayed in the message box in an excel sheet ?

Yes ofcourse, but can you explain the scenario you have @sakshib?

Whatever variable or a condition you are passing in the message box, you can use the same to write in the excel. I mean in the write cell activity , pass the same string you have in the message box

You can do the following:

  1. Use a Get Text activity on the message box to read the message
  2. Use a write cell activity to write that message into a specific cell of an Excel sheet

Depending on the message you are looking for, you may need some more activities

actually i have scrapped the data from putty and writing that into the excel.

need to have that data which is in numeric form, write in the excel

can you suggest something ?

Get Text activity is throwing error

If you are writing the data to excel, is it converting to text? I mean, you need to change the format of the cells manually before writing or else you need to write a piece of code to write the values using paste special @sakshib


Use build Data table to build the data table and mention the columns ,datatype you want.
use add data row and declare the variables in it.

A Manohar