How write message box value in excel

How to write the displayed output(message box) in excel sheet.

for e.g In message box it is displaying Pavan naik 10.
I need to write these values in excel in three different columns.

Kindly, waiting for the request

You can try this value from output box(string as output)
2. Spilit string with space
3use.add row item.
4. Pass those 3 value to datatable
5.Append datatable


Mail me if you find trouble. I will send xmAl file

Thanks for the reply.

Ya I tried but it’s not working.
could you please share the XAML file

Hi @Pavannaik,

here is an file,

please update the msg box selectors and excel file path with respect to your project.!

cheers…!!! ping me back if you found any difficulty

folw1.xaml (14.1 KB)

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Thanks a lot rahatadi

It works for me

how to save message box value into excel file tell me step by step