How we can write the message box data in excel or txt file

Hello Dev’s ,

Can anyone help me with how to Print Text message output either in excel or in a txt file so that we can have the output and can share it by mail.

if we able to write it in excel with row no than it will be more helpful.


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Use the Write Text File activity to create an empty file with nothing in it. Then when you’ve captured this text, use Append Line to add the text to a text file.

If you name the file “SomeName.csv”, it will open in Excel.

@Anthony_Humphries How to capture the message box test as i had a number of message box and i need all should be captured one after another.

Use the Get Text activity and define a selector for the text. Make sure the selector is dynamic enough to work with various text boxes (e.g. don’t make the text inside the box part of the selector definition).

@Anthony_Humphries can you please update this with your suggestion. 631_New_Form_sg_form_m1.xlsx (19.3 KB) Main.xaml (11.2 KB)

Thanks in advance

See attached.

Main.xaml (11,3 Ko)


It is working Thank you so much @Anthony_Humphries

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