Writing data to google sheet

I am new to Uipath…i have to create the following attached project but i dont understand how to begin with and create how many sequences.
I tried creating it but i guess this is not the right to do.
ReadMailFromOutlook.xaml (24.7 KB)
The requirement is as follows :

  1. Flow – it cover flow on what we try to do in the process

  2. Sample Input – sample excel attachment which will come in email
    Sample Input.xlsx (9.4 KB)

  3. StatusReport – Sample report to be created
    statusreport.xlsx (8.7 KB)

 Use reframe work
 Queues
 Use Library components
 Failure at any stage of the process should be handled for e.g. failed while reading email , failed to open goggle form and retry logic should be in place
 Configurable no hard coding in the code , also you need to decide on what should go in assets and what will go in config
 Modular and annotation
 Run code analyzer
 Dynamic selector

Please help me to start with this…its for my practice purpose.

Hi @Chitra_Pillai,

I’ll suggest the following, as the mails you are getting are in nth number and you want to handle exception well. Try to put that in queue or data row with the relevant required information…

This will allow you to run each mail item 1 by 1.

I think this would be the best way to proceed on this project.

yes, i have put up the data in data row.
i want to get the data from sample input file and put up that in google sheet.
the data in the input file are all mandatory

Hi @Chitra_Pillai,

You can access google sheet via the following activity

This will allow you to process everything 1 by 1.

As for all the data from sample input file as mandatory, you can create logic to allow the same to be processed in similar fashion.
Hope this helps :slight_smile: