Extracting data from scanned invoices of different format using ML extractor

I am using ML extractor for extracting data,I have also used the “Validation station”.When I run the code I have to manually validate all the fields in Validation station for all the documents, which I find to be not robust.
How can this validation part be handled?as I have n number of documents.

You can choose to omit the validation station in Document processing, and directly extract data and put it in excel or db.

Ok.But can we not automate the Validation station,since I have to also know the accuracy.

you can configure the confidence % for all extractors.that might help.set it to 90% and above.

I tried it,but I am extracting data from an invoice for e.g Invoice no,Invoice date and the line items the data is being extracted into excel but in different sheets, Invoice no, Invoice date in one sheet and all the item line details like description,unit price etc in one sheet.I need all the data in one sheet.Can you help me in this.