Writing/Appending values to an excel cell without replacing the pre-existing values in it

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I have “abc” value in excel cell A1. I have a usecase where if its valid then , i have to add “def” value in the same cell A1 without replacing “abc” so that I can have both “abc” and “def” displayed in cell A1. Can you let me know what activity or method to use in order to achieve this.

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You can use For Each activity and use Assign activity inside that

Now write as below

row(“ColumnName”) = row(“ColumnName”).ToString + “Value to Add”

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Use read cell actvity to read the cell value in the cell A1 and store that in string variable.

lets say output is CellOutput

then use write cell activity and input A1 and use the value should be CellOutput+“def”

try and let us know. thanks

or you are going by loop please utilize @Srini84 Suggestion.