Write cell without overwriting existing value

How to write multiple string in same excel cell without overwriting existing one.I want to write multiple input folder paths in config file with comma separated each other.Can anyone help me?

Hi @pravin_bindage

first use get cell and get the value then concatenate the value returned with the new value you need and then use write cell to write it back


Hi @pravin_bindage

Instead of assign different value to same excel cell, i tried store all value in a variable, and write that variable to excel cell

1.) initialize an empty list of string
2.) append input folder paths to the list
3.) join list with comma (list to string)
4.) assign string to excel cell

Below shows step 1 to step 3


In config write the details using comma then in uipath create one array or list then assign the details in that, Use the array or list in loop you will get one at each time


thanks its working

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