Writing a condition for captcha resolving

hello i am working on captcha automation, i have collected the captcha but it has a strike through line so some characters like c and e are being miss read by robot .
i am using uipathOCR so can anyone help me … how can i do it… it is my first project , it will be a huge help please

Hello @kiran.muttanawar.c

Captcha automation is a complicated process using RPA as the captchas are designed not to read by the bots. There are some API services available to solve this.Please check the below . Also plz share screenshot of a captcha.


i am having problems with small case letters like c and e because of the strike through the robot is getting the wrong data .
i have sent u the image please take a look at that captcha image

newTry.xaml (125.0 KB)

can u check this out . only particular letters are not working .
just add diff credentials for testing and suggest me if anything i can improve init

I tried with CV get text activity and it generated the output as below.



it is fluctuating for letter c and e , i tried using OCR Api but that website not providing end point to fetch data …the data i received was plain html . not json,
my superiors are saying it is possible just keep trying …thank you for the help ,
can i get your emailId if you dont mind.