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Hello everyone. I just installed UiPath Studio. I am following one of the Learning Paths and am doing my first build - the “Time in Bucharest”. https://academy4.blob.core.windows.net/rpa-starter-kit/RPA%20starter%20Kit%20-%20Build%20a%20Bot%20wIth%20Studio/Build%20a%20Bot%20with%20Studio.mp4

At 7:40, the presenter is doing a WriteLine. I don’t have that. I believe I understand that I need to install packages, and that said package is from Microsoft, but which package? Is there a suggested set of packages to get for learning?


Wow, no one is willing to tell me? Or is the answer so obvious as to not warrant even a response?


Here is a list of all activities, Its parent package and also properties, please refer this for any doubts related to UiPath activities.

You should install System.activities in manage package to get write line.

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