Write value activity


Where can I find “write value” activity


“write cell” activity will work same as “write value” activity…!!

There is no activity called Write Value.

Write Cell activity will be used inside Excel Application Scope.

Karthik Byggari


Thanks for the clarification.

In one of the practice tutorials, I found this “write value” activity, so that’s where I got the doubt


yah i have seen it either…but the thing is we can edit the name of the activity
so with that the activity WRITE CELL or WRITE RANGE activity would have been renamed as WRITE VALUE…
and there is no activity named WRITE VALUE

so the reason is the activity is renamed to that value for easy understanding
thats all buddy
Cheers @balaraja_bethamcherl

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You might have seen WirteLine activity which is used to print the values of variables or strings into the Output Window in UIPath Studio.

Karthik Byggari

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