How to save the scraped data into the different excel sheet in same workbook in ui path

we are searching the item in amazon website and result is extracted using data scraping activity inside for each row activity,result data is storing in csv file again while searching for the next item in website, the data inside csv is overwriting with the previous searched item data.

How can we save the second item data into the different sheet in the same workbook?

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@arpithasn rather than using write range activity use append range activity so that it will add the add without removing it.and moreover if you want to write into different sheets you can go counter variable at the sheet name so that for every iteration it gonna increase the sheet name and store it in s new sheet.

We have tried but we are not sure could you please check our attached screenshot and let us know where to make changes.

@arpithasn just remove the while condition and in the do section give append range activity.only don’t give any counter variable.try it works for me.

We got the solution using append range activity and counter inside the append range.
Inside Append range we need to give “Sheet2”+counter.Tostring then we need to create one variable “counter” and assign the counter value in assign activity.
Counter = counter+1

This worked for me.

@venkatmalla6 Thank You so much for your valuable time and solution.

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@arpithasn that’s great,congrats even i did like that but it’s not working it is writing the entire data in sheet only.

plzl have a look.

What is your exact requirement and what operation you are performing?

@arpithasn well even i’m just scraping the data from a e commerce website for multiple products and storing the data under each sheet for each product the thing is it is writing the data
but the its not scraping as expected,if you don’t mine plz have a look at my xaml and excel output (31.7 KB)

Add Clear Data (32.6 KB) table Activity after Write Range

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@Jyotika_Halai thank you very much.

Hi !!
I am datascraping for different compaines .
The Extracted datatable should be written in the SAME excelsheet…Without messing up the other values…
can any one help…

Hello Arpitha,
In this video, I have multiple use cases of UiPath extract data from the Web and write this data in Excel:

0:42 Extract table from a web site and write this data in Excel
2:40 Extract emails from Yahoo Mail and write this data in Excel
5:00 Read Data from Excel search on Google and write back the data in Excel
8:05 Run the process
9:25 Count the repetition of string inside excel table
15:55 Copy only rows that contain a specific string to a new table

Cristian Negulescu

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